Important Links

These links are included in the site because they contain interesting
information relating to the issues that are commonly discussed at 2600 meetings.

2600 Magazine - This is the official website of 2600 Magazine. This site features news about the hacking community which is regularly updated. The site also features regional 2600 information.

Hacker News Network - HNN is daily updated with hacker/geek news. This site also includes links for further information with each story.

SlashDot - Slashdot is a great news source, and is updated as the stories come in. Readers submit stories with links, and, after they are reviewed by the staff, they are posted for reader comments.

alt.2600 FAQ - This FAQ is a great resource for beginners. It is not all-inclusive, but it is a good start.

se2600 - se2600 is the regional conglomerate of 2600 enthusiasts. To learn more about the group, goto the local FAQ.

Geek Issues - Geek Issues is basically a site which encourages the "geek" to speak up about current political issues. This site has information on a number of current issues which need to be addressed. Geek Issues also has a contact page which makes it easy for users to email their local US Representatives and Senators. The contact page also incorporates multiple communication channels such as free faxes, emails, and snail mail, as well as providing local and DC phone numbers.

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