Auburn 2600

MPAA and DeCSS Information

  The "gorilla letter" received by SE2600 from the MPAA
  Auburn, Alabama's local SE2600 group
  The DeCSS page at

2600: The Hacker Quarterly
  Taken to court and hit with an injunction regarding DeCSS
  Another recipient of an MPAA letter
  Public responses to Cryptome's letter - DVD for every OS
  The REAL reason for DeCSS, and an excellent source for more information - Letter from Rick Moen
  what DeCSS is and isn't
Linux Today: Eric S. Raymond -- DVDCA and the Big Lie
  Why are we being lied to?
osOpinion: I want my DVD, your honor
  a humorous look at the pertinent issues in the case

The Brunching Shuttlecocks | Features | Fire, Work With Me
  Copyrighting fire -- a persuasive analogy
Home Recording Rights Coalition
  Beyond DeCSS, how will the MPAA erode our rights?
DMCA's Legislative History
  A history of the poor legislation on which the MPAA is basing its case
Crackers and Crackdowns
  An excellent review of the issues by The Linux Journal

Media Coverage

The Motley Fool - Son of DIVX: DVD Copy Control
  An astute summary from a respected financial periodical

The New York Times
DVD Lawsuit Questions Legality of Linking
  (free registration required)
In Court's View, MP3 Player is Just a 'Space Shifter'
  (free registration required) implications for DVD "fair use"

In Cyberspace, Is It OK to Point to Pirates?
DVD Crack Causing Hardware Delays

Hacker magazine calls for movie business protest
DVD and the digital copyright act
Meet the kid behind the DVD hack
Norwegian teen raided by police in DVD suit

Torvalds lambastes DVD lawsuits
DVD program yanked off Web sites
Suit targets DVD-copying software

ABC News : Judge Won't Block DVD Copier : DVD Industry Suing to Stop Copying Program

Why the DVD Hack Was a Cinch
DVD Open Forum Minus the Forum
DVD Case in Open Source Forum
Judge Rags on DVD Hackers
DVD Case: It's a Linux Thing
DVD Lawyers Make Secret Public
More Bad News for DVD Hackers
DVD Case: Battle of the Basics
DVD Judge Needs More Time
Digital Copyright Law on Trial
DVD Round 1 Goes to Hackers
Geeks Get Their Day in Court
Case Hinges on Reverse Hack
DVD Hackers Hit With Lawsuit
The DVD Hack: What Next?
DVD Piracy: It Can Be Done

DVD lawyers spill "secret" code
Programmer charged as DVD encryption suits fly
Teen charged in connection with DVD cracking tool
Court blocks online publishing of DVD decryption tool
Film industry fights DVD decryption sites
Hollywood studios allege DVD piracy in suit
Short Take: DVD piracy hearing postponed

Jon Johansen's Answers to Your DeCSS Questions
DeCSS Injunction Ruling
DeCSS Author Arrested
DeCSS Source Included in Public Court Records
Injunction Against 2600 for DeCSS
deCSS Listed On
Linux Journal on the DMCA
EFF Fundraiser in Boston
MPAA Head Valenti on DVD "Hackers"
Jon Johansen Indicted by the MPA(A)
DVD Cases: Help by Commenting to Feds on DMCA
DVD CCA Part II - Waiting For The Judge
DVD Situation Takes New Turn
ZDNet: News: Lawsuits cloud open-source DVD player
ZDNet: News: DVD hacker arrested in Norway
ZDNet: News: Hollywood sues sites over DVD app

Others - The DVD Cartel - DVD Hackers Headed to Court?
Salon Technology | Criminal code?
LWN: A test of shrink-wrap licensing
ComputerWorld - DVD dispute targets Norwegian teen-ager