Read the Village Voice article about the MPAA's case againsts Emmanuel Goldstein!

My apologies for the lack of updates recently, but se2600 switched servers and it took a while for me to get my access back. Anyway, Phreaknic was great, and it was the biggest year yet. There were 300+ in attendence. Emmanuel Goldstein was present to show his movie, Freedom Downtime. The previous Wednesday, I had the oppurunity to speak at the University of Tennessee, in Knoxville. My speech was on the political interests of hackers. I basically just talked about DeCSS, encryption exportation, Open Source software, privacy (Carnivore, etc), and I derided the DMCA. I got plenty of applause, so I think the crowd (~250-300 students) appreciated the things I talked about. Anyway, check this website in a few days for some exciting new events coming up in the se2600. (14 Nov 2000)

Despite the fact that se2600 and au2600 and no longer directly in danger from the MPAA's litigation, we are still encouraging everyone to support those who are not as fortunate. We need to fight for what is right, regardless of personal interests or consequences. We ask all of you to email, call, or fax your representatives in congress asking for them to research and reconsider the DMCA. There is a new site called Geek Issues which includes a brief synopsis of various political/technical issues which are important to the future of a free internet society. Please visit this site, and take the appropriate action. The site includes contact information for the government officials in your region, and also offers free fax, email, and snail mail services. (16 May 2000)

It appears that the MPAA has given up the idea of pursuing any legal action against se2600! Rattle spoke with an individual at the MPAA who said that they were satisfied with our 'concessions' and would not follow up on their initial threats! By the way, the DeCSS software IS still accessible from this site! See the links below. (14 April 2000)

Download DVD decryption software! Yes this is the software that has the motion picture industry all up in arms. The MPAA doesn't want you to be able to watch your dvd's under Linux for some reason. This software's sole purpose is to enable a Linux user to watch dvd's in a Linux environment. This program does NOT enable copying, nor is it intended to. Be aware that there are currently several lawsuits in which the MPAA is trying to take away YOUR rights to watch legally purchased dvd's.

The DeCSS files are no longer available locally due to several threatening letters that the MPAA has sent to our providers. There are still links to the software, but these links do NOT lead to a local file. The links are to servers located outside of the US. For more information regarding the issues and news surrounding DeCSS, goto the DeCSS Information page. This page contains links to information/news about DeCSS and the surrounding legal/political/technological issues.

My personal academic site was frozen due to a letter that the MPAA sent to Auburn University on the same day that Rattle received his. The letters are identical, except for the particulars regarding contact info and the url's.

The University's official notification email to me can be read here.

The University's response can be read here. This letter shows how easy it is for the MPAA to bully even large organizations into submitting. You may notice that the University broke confidentiality by providing my name and address in the response. Humorously, the address they provided is incorrect and doesn't correspond at all with my real address, since the address was acquired from a voluntary student directory.

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